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The Centre for Environmental Policy (CEP) is a unique interdisciplinary Department in the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Imperial College conducting policy-focused fundamental and applied research to solve global environmental and sustainability challenges.

Developing the sustainability leaders of tomorrow to
answer the world’s critical environmental challenges


Environmental policy safeguards our natural world. It provides tangible and measurable strategies for government, corporations, other public and private organisations, and individuals to plan for a future in which people and nature can thrive together. The Centre for Environmental Policy works at the interface between science/technology and policy, to understand complex scientific issues and co-create solutions for real-world environmental challenges.

Scientists and technologists are making significant discoveries and innovations that could help pave the way to a sustainable future. Sound environmental policy provides the platform on which to examine the economic, societal and political dimensions of environmental solutions, to ensure they can be implemented effectively and fairly. Environmental policy turns new scientific understandings into measurable environmental impact. Research at the CEP tackles a wide range of environmental topics with a focus on informing public policy and ensuring the commitments made by government, businesses and civil society to mitigate human impact on nature and natural resources can be upheld. CEP is looking for the sustainability leaders of tomorrow that can help shape these policies and become part of the solution to the world’s critical environmental challenges.

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